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Adoro is a 100% Italian brand born from the desire to spread the Italian gastronomic culture in the world. Living Italian is our philosophy, because we believe that eating well helps you live better.

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Artisan Pasta

Adoro Pasta

Living Italian is our philosophy, for this reason we use for our Adoro pasta only semolina from the best 100% Italian highly selected durum wheat. A quality raw material that is processed with bronze dies and subjected to slow drying at low temperatures. The result is a pasta with a golden color and a porous consistency, to better enhance the sauces that accompany it. Choosing Adoro products means bringing to the table all the authenticity of our land, and cultivate the choice of healthy Italian Living.

100% Italian Durum Wheat

Only the best wheat coming from the South of Italy.

Low Furosine

When drying process is too fast and the temperatures too high, the furosine comes out and it is dangerous for the digestive system.

Slow Drying

Good things take time, so our pasta is dried slowly and at low temperatures

Bronze Dies

To give porosity to the product: the consistency obtained is rough on the taste and better retains the sauces.

No Glyphosate

Glyphosate is one of the most sold herbicides in the world. It is not only risky for tumors, but it is also a dangerous hormonal interferer

Al dente

As tradition dictates: Adoro pasta keeps cooking for a chef's result.