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Adoro is a 100% Italian brand born from the desire to spread the Italian gastronomic culture in the world. Living Italian is our philosophy, because we believe that eating well helps you live better.

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Ready Pasta Sauces

Born Ready

The Nati Pronti are the sauces of the Adoro family: born from an ancient union, made of simple ingredients and tradition, and with a contemporary spirit, attentive to the life needs of every type of consumer. Thanks to the use of exclusively Italian raw materials our sauces bring to the table the gastronomic culture of the beautiful country, ready to serve and to be enjoyed in a few minutes. The exclusive use of extra virgin olive oil and the total absence of animal preservatives, make our sauces a high quality product suitable to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Preservative free

In our sauces you will not find preservatives, added sugars or colorings: only carefully selected ingredients for a genuine result.

Only with extra virgin olive oil

We choose for Adoro sauces only the best extra virgin olive oil: Adoro oil. Rich in polyphenols, 100% Italian and cold extracted.

No Animal Fats

We do not use any type of animal fat: our sauces, besides being good, are healthy and that is why we pay attention to the calorie intake.

100% Italian Ingredients

The good of Italian cuisine is our starting point and our ingredients could only be 100% Italian.

passata di ciliegino adoro

Aubergine Sauces

Tasty aubergines, basil and a pinch of black pepper: a quick preparation that does not compromise on quality.

Olives and capers

The intense taste of olives and capers for a classic and timeless recipe.


Savory and spicy to the right point: a sauce with a strong taste and an inviting scent.

Red Peppers

A sauce made from cherry tomatoes enriched with chunks of peppers, for a simple and tasty dressing.